Manitoba Midwives

The demand for midwifery services in Manitoba continues to grow, as more expectant families are turning to midwives for the professional maternal health care they deserve.

However wages for midwives continue to fall behind other provinces, making it difficult to recruit and retain well-trained and experienced midwives.

Maternal Health is Public Health

The use of midwifery services results in a 38% lower c-section rate, 62% lower rate of instrument assisted births, 57% lower rate of episiotomy, and 2.5 times more likely to be discharged from hospital within 48 hours or less.

The benefits to families & the health care system are clear.

The provincial government understands this benefit, and has begun significant investments in training and new midwifery programs at the University of Manitoba and University College of the North.

However with wages and benefits for midwives falling behind other provinces, there is little incentive for students to remain in Manitoba.

Join midwives in calling on the province for competitive and fair wages for the important health care services they provide! Sign the community-led petition!

Email the Minister of Health at and tell her you support fairness for Manitoba’s midwives!

CUPE is working with the Midwives Association of Manitoba to help promote midwifery services in Manitoba.

Check out our infographic:

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