Members’ Provincial Election Guide 2016

Consult this handy guide to find out what’s at stake for CUPE members across Manitoba and in your sector. The guide also includes suggestions for questions to ask candidates in the lead-up to the April 19 election. Contact CUPE-MB to order paper copies.

Download (PDF, 543KB)

Why CUPE supports the NDP

Many CUPE members often ask "why does CUPE support the NDP?". The answer is quite simple. In 1956, tired of Conservative and Liberal rule, workers in the Canadian Labour Congress and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation came together and asked "why isn't there a party for working people?" The NDP was created from those conversations in 1961 as a party for working people. This is why many unions across Canada support the NDP. But to say we are simply a “supporter” of the Read more [...]

Letter to CUPE members re: April 19 Provincial Election

Dear Sisters and Brothers: On April 19th Manitobans will vote in the provincial election to determine who will lead our province for the next four years. Elections are important for all citizens, as CUPE members, 25,000 strong, delivering needed public services throughout Manitoba. Who governs our province matters a great deal. The NDP has governed our province since October 1999, and many CUPE members, have not worked under any other government and don’t know the struggles that many CUPE Read more [...]

Manitoba provincial election: What’s at stake for CUPE members?

Today the Premier of Manitoba officially dropped the writ, beginning a month-long election that will determine the next government of Manitoba on April 19. But what does this election mean for CUPE members? The Conservatives and Liberals want to cut jobs, privatize services, and reverse the gains we have made as workers under the NDP. While election platforms will be rolled out throughout the campaign, we have already seen overtures made by the Conservatives and Liberals that will Read more [...]

Manitoba fiscal update is good news for province’s workers

The province’s Economic and Fiscal Outlook tabled in the Manitoba Legislature today offers a more progressive way of ensuring that the wealthy pay their fair share. With the implementation of a new tax bracket that would see Manitoba’s highest earners provide slightly more in income taxes, the province is able to expand tax credits and supports for lower income earners. “The 98% of Manitobans who don’t earn over $170,000 per year expect the government to help build a more level playing Read more [...]

NDP’s International Women’s Day pledge to continue to close the gender pay gap welcome – CUPE MB

Today the Manitoba NDP pledged to continue to fight to close the gender pay gap if re-elected to govern the province on April 19 - a valuable reminder that work continues to be done in support of pay equity. Minister of Health, and NDP candidate for Kirkfield Park Sharon Blady announced that the province would ensure that provincial budgets are created with a specific focus on the impact they will have for women. “The Manitoba government has already been using this approach to provincial Read more [...]

Manitoba commitment to accessible public child care applauded

WINNIPEG – Tuesday’s announcement by the provincial government to increase public childcare spaces in Manitoba by 12,000 new spaces, while also increasing accessibility and wages will help strengthen Manitoba’s child care sector, says CUPE Manitoba. “By ensuring funding for more spaces and by prioritizing wages and training, this government is supporting Manitoba families as well as those who provide the care for their children” says Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba. CUPE Read more [...]

Paid leave for victims of domestic violence meaningful to Manitoba workers: CUPE

Winnipeg – Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger offered a new, progressive vision for the province at Monday’s annual speech from the throne, including a first-of-its-kind pledge to provide paid leave for victims of domestic violence. “Thousands of workers experience domestic violence every day,” said Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba, “this government is taking real leadership in ensuring that victims of domestic violence are treated with compassion, and offered the space they need Read more [...]

Pallister seeks to privatize Manitoba’s Social Services

Winnipeg – Progressive Conservative leader Brian Pallister’s June 9th plan to explore Social Impact Bonds as a model to fund social service agencies is cause for deep concern. “Pallister wants to remove government’s social contract with its citizens and replace it with a private contract,” says Kelly Moist President of CUPE Manitoba. “At its core, Pallister’s plan would allow private companies to profit from poverty using the public purse." Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are financing Read more [...]