CUPE Extendicare Locals Announce 99% Strike Mandate

  • Today at Extendicare’s Maples care home in Winnipeg, Locals 2719 and 1475 announced a 99% strike mandate vote
  • The private, FOR-PROFIT Maples was the site of Manitoba’s deadliest COVID outbreak in 2020, infecting 231 residents and staff, with 56 residents losing their lives
  • Extendicare has sent more than $84 million to shareholders since then, while denying its frontline staff full working hours and the same wages and benefits for identical work at public care homes
  • Local 2719 President and strike veteran Virginia Moncton spoke to CTV NEWS Winnipeg
  • Manitoba Health Coalition Director Thomas Linner spoke in solidarity and denounced profit in health care
  • CUPE members at 9 for-profit Extendicare care homes in Winnipeg and Brandon have received huge public support while holding information rallies to avoid a strike and to secure a fairly negotiated collective agreement

CUPE announcing Extendicare strike vote outcomes at Maples info rally

WINNIPEG – The Canadian Union of Public Employees will be sharing the results of strike votes by CUPE members at Extendicare Maples and Oakview Place at the next information rally.

CUPE Local 2719 President Virginia Monton and Manitoba Health Coalition Provincial Director Thomas Linner will join long-term care workers and allies at a rally at Extendicare Maples to raise awareness about the unfair offer from the for-profit care provider that continues to pay tens of millions in dividends to shareholders every quarter.

Extendicare Maples is one of nine Extendicare facilities in Winnipeg and Brandon and the facility was the subject of an external review after 157 residents were infected and 56 succumbed to COVID-19.

WHEN: Thursday, September 21, 2023
2:00 pm – 6:00pm (speeches begin at 2:15pm with interviews to follow)
WHERE: Extendicare Maples
500 Mandalay Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union, with over 36,000 members across Manitoba and 715,000 members across the country. The Manitoba Health Coalition (MHC) is a non-profit, non-partisan health care advocacy organization established to preserve universal, public health care.

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Long Term Care workers Rally at Extendicare’s Oakview Place in Winnipeg

Monday, September 11, 2023 — Today members of CUPE Local 1475 in Winnipeg at Extendicare’s Oakview Place care home were joined by CUPE National President Mark Hancock, CUPE Manitoba President Gina McKay, Manitoba Federation of Labour President Kevein Rebeck, Local 204 President Debbie Boissonneault, NDP leader Wab Kinew and NDP health critic Uzoma Asagwara, the Manitoba Nurses Union, and many others.

Today’s information rally kicks off three weeks of rallies outside 8 Extendicare facilities where CUPE members are at the bargaining table seeking fair wages and enough scheduled hours of work to live. Crucially, these frontline workers are seeking the same compensation paid for identical work in publicly operated care homes.

The private, for-profit care home operator Extendicare Inc. continues to distribute profits to shareholders ($41M in 2021-22), while denying fairness to its frontline care-giving staff.

There is significant disparity between the wages and contract of CUPE members working in Extendicare facilities and those working in publicly-run long-term care facilities:

  • Wages are $2-4 more in the public system across classifications
  • Public facility staff have access to time OT pay, compared to 1.5 time for OT for Extendicare staff
  • The night shift premium is over double what Extendicare staff receive
  • Extendicare staff receive $1.35-$1.50 as a weekend premium, compared to $8.00 for public facility staff
  • Public facility staff can access Long Service Pay and a health spending account that are not available to Extendicare staff
  • Defined benefit pensions for public facility staff with no guaranteed pensions for Extendicare staff.


Health Care Support Workers’ Recognition Day: October 18, 2022

CUPE is celebrating the work of its thousands of members in health care support roles across Manitoba. The Manitoba Government officially proclaimed October 18 as Health Care Support Workers’ Day.

“Health care support workers are the pillars of our health care system,” stated Gina McKay, President of CUPE Manitoba. “They keep our health care system running, despite the government’s inability to provide adequate support to frontline health care workers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

“Despite working short-staffed, health care support workers in Manitoba have been doing everything possible to care for the community”, said Debbie Boissonneault, President of CUPE 204, representing facility and community support workers in the WRHA and Shared Health. “We call on the government to recognize our work by providing enough resources for us to do it effectively, and while we recently achieved a new agreement, we know more needs to be done”.

“Health care support workers are often unrecognized in their day-to-day work ,” said Holly Chaperon, President of CUPE 4270, representing facility and community support workers in Southern Health – Sante Sud. “We know who the Doctors and Nurses are, and how important their roles are in our lives. But, do you know who the support workers are? Support staff work tirelessly every single day, and deserve to be acknowledged.” 

“From Nunavut to the US border, Manitoba’s health care support workers deserve recognition and respect,” said Christine Lussier, President of CUPE 8600, representing facility and community support workers in the Northern Regional Health Authority. “It has been a difficult time for staff, especially in the North where we are working incredibly short-staffed every single day, but health care support workers in the NRHA continue to keep our community healthy”.

“Health care support workers who work in private personal care homes are working tirelessly to provide support to residents,” said Daniel Richards, Chair of the CUPE Manitoba Private Personal Care Home Committee. “These workers are also working short-staffed, and continue to call on the government to legislate mandatory minimum staffing requirements in care homes”.

Read the full declaration (English)

Read the full declaration (French)

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union representing more than 643,000 members. In Manitoba, CUPE represents approximately 37,000 members working in health care facilities, personal care homes, school divisions, municipal services, social services, child care centres, public utilities, libraries and family emergency services. CUPE Health care locals include CUPE 204, CUPE 500, CUPE 4270, and CUPE 8600.

Health Care Update re: Retro Pay (former employees)

Former employees are entitled to receive any applicable retroactive pay provided they request the retroactive pay from their former Employer in writing no later than ninety (90) days after the ratification date, September 23, 2022.

As part of the written request submitted the employee MUST include the following:

  • Email Subject line must state “Retro Request for (employee name) terminated employee(CUPE)”
  • Date of retirement/resignation
  • Name of the Employer that the employee is requesting retro payment from
  • Employee’s current mailing address
  • Direct deposit information, if it has changed since you were last employed

Employer Organization Contact

All sites – email Payroll –

Southern Health
All sites – email Payroll at

Shared Health
All sites on SAP – email

CancerCare Manitoba – email

Rehabilitation Centre for Children – email

Eden Mental Health Centre – email

All sites on SAP – email

CUPE Health Care Support Staff Ratify Seven-Year Deal

Update for CUPE health care support members

CUPE Health Care Support Staff from CUPE 204/Shared Health and Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), CUPE 500/WRHA – Riverview Health Centre and WRHA Corporate, CUPE 4270/ Southern Health-Santé Sud (SH-SS) and CUPE 8600/Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA) have voted to accept the new collective agreement.

The ratification date is September 23, 2022.  The collective agreement will expire on March 31, 2024.

The new agreement includes wage increases in each year of the agreement including retroactive pay, a signing bonus for all members, an increase in shift premiums, improvements for the Community Programs/Home Care groups, a more flexible “single-day” vacation system for all members, double overtime and market adjustments.

“This was an incredibly difficult round of negotiations due to government interference, attempted wage freeze, disruptive restructuring, forced union amalgamations, and the pandemic” said Shannon McAteer, CUPE Health Care Coordinator.  “Despite these challenges, this new agreement sets a solid foundation for the next round of negotiations.”

The employer has 120 days within which to issue retroactive pay and the signing bonus. It will be issued on a separate pay deposit.  Former employees (retired or quit) have 90 days to write to the employer requesting retroactive pay they are owed following the rules posted on the Local’s website.

“We thank all CUPE members who took the time to vote either electronically or in person and are committed to continue to improve your contract,” said McAteer. “We will continue to hold the provincial government accountable and push back against any attacks on our public health care system and the workers who support it”.

Throughout negotiations, health care support staff have felt extremely disrespected by the current government–and continue to feel undervalued. Many members told us they voted not because they liked the deal, but because they couldn’t wait any longer.

In solidarity,
Your Bargaining Council


Health Care Contract Ratification Info Sessions

CUPE reached a tentative agreement on August 29, 2022.  CUPE will be hosting Info Sessions both in person and virtually via Zoom (see links below).

Members can attend any of the virtual or in-person meetings at the hotels/inns or halls or at their own Employer’s site.

The information is the same for everyone.  A video presentation will be available on the Locals’ websites or through your Local Executives starting Sept. 7, 2022.




Wed., Sept. 7th 10 am to 7 pm Canad Inns Transcona (Ambassador A/B)
826 Regent Ave. W., Winnipeg
Thurs., Sept. 8th 10 am to 7 pm Canad Inns HSC (Ambassador A)

720 William Avenue, Winnipeg

Sat., Sept. 10th 10 am to 7 pm Canad Inns Polo Park (Ambassador 2)

1405 St. Matthews Avenue, Winnipeg

Tues., Sept. 13th 10 am to 7 pm St. Boniface Hospital (N-1012 Boardroom)

409 Taché Avenue, Winnipeg



(open to all members)

Please download the FREE Zoom app.

Thurs., Sept. 8th

6 pm to 8 pm

Click on link:


Or call #: 204-272-7920  /  Toll free #:  1-855-703-8985


Meeting ID: 865 5826 1119

Passcode: 541446


Sun., Sept. 11th

6 pm to 8 pm

Click on link:


Or call #: 204-272-7920  /  Toll free #:  1-855-703-8985


Meeting ID: 869 6006 6020

Passcode: 391454


Wed., Sept. 14th

6 pm to 8 pm

Click on link:


Or call #: 204-272-7920  /  Toll free #: 1-855-703-8985


Meeting ID: 867 7342 3003

Passcode: 514044



The ratification votes will be done electronically
and will take place September 20th, 21st & 22nd.

Details will follow in the next week.

CUPE reaches tentative agreement for Manitoba health care support workers

Late last night (Monday, August 29, 2022) the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) health care bargaining team and the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (PHLRS) reached a tentative agreement after twenty-one months of bargaining, for 18,000 health care support workers in Manitoba.

The CUPE bargaining team includes representatives from CUPE 204 (Shared Health, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority), CUPE 4270 (Southern Health-Santé Sud), CUPE 8600 (Northern Regional Health Authority), and CUPE 500 (Riverview Health Centre/WRHA).

A tentative agreement is when both parties agree that the proposed contract can be presented to workers for a vote on whether to accept or reject the new agreement.

The CUPE bargaining team will be recommending acceptance of the new agreement.

Please take time to review the highlight document.  A full ratification document will be available prior to the ratification.

Ratification (voting) will occur in the coming weeks.  Details on when these votes will take place will be shared in the next few days.  There will be many information sessions for CUPE members to ask questions about the tentative agreement, held in-person as well as virtually.

Members are encouraged to ensure their personal contact information is up to date.  We want to make sure all CUPE members have the opportunity to ask questions at the info sessions before the voting takes place.

We thank the CUPE health care bargaining team for their steadfast dedication to members through an incredibly difficult round of negotiations, including throughout the pandemic.

We also thank all CUPE members for their patience, support, and encouragement over the past five years, and for giving CUPE the strike mandate needed to keep the pressure on government.

Your support has helped push the government towards a deal that is acceptable, and which lays a stronger foundation for the next round of bargaining.

Tentative agreement highlights document (pdf)