CUPE Local 500 launches new TV ad promoting quality, dependable public services

Local 500 is launching a new 30-second TV ad that highlights the risks of putting Winnipeg’s public services in the hands of for-profit corporations. 

“At a time when private delivery of many of the city’s services is being considered by the Mayor and some members of Council, it’s important to remind the public of what we have lost, and let them know we are at risk of losing even more,” said Mike Davidson, President of CUPE Local 500. 

“For Sale” will begin airing on Winnipeg stations Wednesday, October 31 and will run until the end of November.

“The attack on public services is intensifying in Winnipeg,” said Davidson. “Continued privatization and contracting out will mean higher costs, fewer and less dependable services, and less accountability for the people of Winnipeg.”

You can click here to view the ad.