Action Alert: Support Workers in Cambodia in International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day in Cambodia is closely associated with the women who make the clothes you might be wearing as you read this.  Their unions play a key role in organizing IWD events in that country.

All week the Cambodian government has been moving police and troops into position.  Tomorrow an estimated 30,000 women garment workers are expected to celebrate IWD  by attending an open-air ‘Forum on Labour Rights’ in Phnom Penh.  And if the recent history of Cambodia is anything to go by, they will then be attacked.

Knowing that the world is watching might just give the Cambodian government second thoughts.  The global union you might be a member of (among others, the Steelworkers and Unifor are affiliated to it), IndustriALL, is running an online action HERE. Take 5 seconds out of your Friday and send a message that might save a life tomorrow.