CUPE MB President Gina McKay Calls for Better K-12 Education Funding and Supports

CUPE Manitoba President Gina McKay was interviewed by the Winnipeg Free Press and CTV News this week, advocating for better K-12 Education funding, training, and staffing to address violence in schools.

McKay said CUPE continues to advocate for additional public dollars for the K-12 system so all schools are adequately staffed with EAs. These workers are facing growing and increasingly complex workloads as they support students recovering from COVID-19-related disruptions and anxieties while class sizes climb, she said. […]

Local leaders from the Canadian Union of Public Employees, whose membership include roughly 6,000 school support staff employed across more than 25 public boards in Manitoba, have been meeting to discuss the growing issue of workplace violence in recent months.

“These are systemic issues; it’s nothing new,” said Gina McKay, president of CUPE Manitoba.

“We’ve heard about physical violence in the workplace — biting, kicking, verbal abuse and worse, and we also look to some of the research that’s coming out across Canada.”