CUPE Manitoba Aboriginal Council and Common Causes: Idle No More

IMG_0822The CUPE Manitoba Aboriginal Council was proud to be invited to speak at the Idle No More #J28 demonstration and round dance at the Manitoba Legislature on January 28, 2013.

CUPE MB Aboriginal Council co-chair Sister Shirley Langan gave a strong message that movements must join together in Common Causes to fight back against the Harper Government’s politics of division.

“We know the hardships our working people face in the workplace, the discrimination that many aboriginal workers put up with day-by-day: before, during, and after work.” said Langan to the nearly 1,000 participants “This discrimination takes many faces: racism, wage differences, the way we are treated by our employer, and access to education.”

Sister Langan highlighted the importance of Common Causes as an assembly of social movements dedicated to defending democracy, the environment and human rights in the face of an all out assault by the Harper government.

“This government is practicing a cynical and divisive kind of politics where they set aboriginal peoples and non-aboriginal peoples against each other, just as they pit non-union workers against unionized workers.”

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