Manitoba Long-Term Care Workers Rally for Better Quality Care

Winnipeg – Long-term care workers in Manitoba are rallying at the Manitoba Legislature between 12:00 and 1:00pm on Tuesday, October 29th calling on the provincial and federal governments to improve the quality and standard of care in personal care homes.

“Our members are dedicated and hard-working health care support workers” states Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba “we are taking action to ensure the best level of care possible for our elders”.

The rally is calling for action against “working short” – when the employer does not replace or backfill staff. The rally is also calling for the federal government to increase health transfers to the provinces, and establish a national continuing care program, with minimum staffing standards.

“Because of inadequate staffing, we are often forced to take on additional duties, doing the work of two or more people” states Daniel Richards, Secretary Treasurer of CUPE Local 3729 at Lions Housing Personal Care Home “this impacts both our own health and safety, and the safety of residents”.

What: Rally for Better Long-Term Care

Who: Manitoba long-term care workers  

Where: Manitoba Legislature (front steps)

When: Tuesday, October 29, from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Speakers at the rally include Kelly Moist, CUPE Manitoba President, Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President,  Kevin Rebeck, Manitoba Federation of Labour, Daniel Richards, Secretary Treasurer CUPE Local 3729, Paul Moist, President of CUPE (National), and Lynn Fernandez, Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues, CCPA.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees represents 25,000 members in Manitoba, including thousands of private and public long-term care employees.