Manitoba budget fights poverty. What it means for CUPE Members

The Manitoba Government’s 2015 provincial budget was released on April 30th.

This is the final submission to this week’s feature on how the Manitoba budget affects members within various CUPE sectors. To read them all visit our Manitoba Budget section.

What is the provincial budget?

The provincial budget is the implementation of the government’s vision for the next year, as well as commitments to long-term and short-term investments.

Being part of a national union, CUPE members in Manitoba know that the cuts made in other provinces are not happening here. The Manitoba NDP has committed to supporting the services that Manitobans rely on.

CUPE Manitoba is a strong advocate to reduce poverty and increase wages for all Manitobans.

But what does the 2015 provincial budget mean to CUPE members in Manitoba?

While we’re still afar shot away from a living wage, the government is increasing the minimum wage to $11 an hour. This will help raise the bar for all workers as we continue to negotiate fair increases for CUPE
CUPE Manitoba endorsed the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ “View from Here” poverty reduction strategy which was cited in the budget as having been a reference point for the province’s new poverty alleviation measures.
This includes the call to enhancing Rent Assist by $22 million to move it to 75% of median market rent, while also allowing recipients to retain the benefit as they move into training and jobs.
As the provincial government implements a new Youth Jobs Strategy, CUPE will be monitoring to ensure that these jobs are unionized to offer young people safe, stable, and un-precarious work.
For a full review on the CCPA’s position on the Manitoba Budget and poverty alleviation, visit the CCPA’s Policy Fix blog.