CUPE Manitoba statement on Behavioural Health Foundation – Male Youth Program

On behalf of CUPE Local 4792, representing staff at the Behavioural Health Foundation – Male Youth Program, we would like to express our deepest condolences and our unwavering support to the victims of the violent assaults that took place on May 29 against BHF staff.

No worker should ever have to face violence in the workplace. Everyone has the right to a safe work environment. CUPE is committed to work with the employer and Workplace Health & Safety to review protocols and safety procedures at BHF.

We offer our support to the victims of this incident and their families, and we will work diligently with all parties to address safety at BHF. CUPE 4792 has been in contact with our member.

We have also issued our concerns with respect to the closing of this important program, as well as the layoffs that will ensue.

The BHF Male Youth Program is a residential treatment program based in Selkirk Manitoba that provides intensive in-facility care and treatment to young men suffering from addictions and mental health issues.

Approximately 30 employees, represented by CUPE 4792 provide services to young men who seek support for addictions issues, are slated to be laid-off by the end of June due to funding shortages at the program.

Funding for the program has traditionally been issued through a per diem model, which only provides funding based on client use, rather than the long-term stable funding that is needed to maintain the program.

We are requesting that the new provincial government step in and provide much-needed long-term stable funding to save this important community program.

We are concerned that the closure of this program will not only impact the lives of the 30 employees who work there, but will negatively affect countless young men who are in need of crucial support.

Far too many social service agencies in Manitoba are underfunded; staff are overworked and under-paid. We must work together as a community to ensure stable, long-term funding to all social service agencies in Manitoba, and do everything in our power to ensure this type of violence never happens again.

Kelly Moist
President, CUPE Manitoba

Allen Bleich
CUPE National Representative