Happy Labour Day!

A Labour Day greeting, from President, Gina McKay:

Sisters, Brothers, Friends,

On behalf of CUPE Manitoba, I want to wish all 37,000 CUPE members in Manitoba a Happy Labour Day!

Labour Day holds an important significance in our country and in our communities, from coast to coast to coast.

In Manitoba, it is a day when we recognize the tireless efforts and commitments of workers and their families, and celebrate the important roles each and every one of us plays in building safer, stronger public services in our province.

This year more than ever, is a year to come together to build Union power through solidarity & political action in Manitoba.

As workers, we have seen our wages, jobs, livelihoods, and services cut and limited for over 7 long years under the PCs.

Ongoing cuts and ongoing underfunding in all of our work – healthcare, social services, education, child care, long term care, municipal services, libraries, public utilities, and family emergency services.

I’m reminded that the important work we are doing in Manitoba keeps our communities supported – and we’ve done this work through some of the most difficult times in our working history.

The work each of you are doing stitches together a strong net for Manitobans, and this Labour Day, we recognize and thank you for this work!

And now, let’s also renew our solidarity and build Union power in our province to fight for better wages and benefits, pensions for all members, improved working conditions, safer and more inclusive spaces, and stronger public services.

Let’s come together to build this movement, and demand commitments for CUPE members in Manitoba.

We’ve ignited this spark at CUPE Manitoba, and the time is now to build this movement together. Our province works because we do.

Have a restful and inspiring Labour Day!

In solidarity,

Gina McKay

CUPE Manitoba