Manitoba budget supports childcare and social services. What it means for CUPE members

The Manitoba Government’s 2015 provincial budget was released on April 30th.

Throughout this week we will be featuring a number of key CUPE sectors and how the budget affects members within that sector.

What is the provincial budget?

The provincial budget is the implementation of the government’s vision for the next year, as well as commitments to long-term and short-term investments.

Being part of a national union, CUPE members in Manitoba know that the cuts made in other provinces are not happening here. The Manitoba NDP has committed to supporting the services that Manitobans rely on.

CUPE members in Manitoba work in childcare facilities across the province, as well as working as support staff in Winnipeg Child and Family Services.

But what does the 2015 provincial budget mean to CUPE members in Manitoba?

Child Care       

The province is funding 900 new universally accessible and affordable childcare spaces and is supporting higher wages for child-care (ECE) workers as well as building and expanding child-care centres.

This commitment to increasing wages through wage enhancement for child-care workers is welcome and will continue to improve working conditions and raise the bar for all child-care workers.

However CUPE is continuing to exert pressure on both the provincial and federal governments to ReThink Childcare, and provide a better child care system for all.

Social Services

The province is increasing funding to family services by $20 million. This includes the commitment to increase staffing in Child and Family Services by 210 new workers, many of whom will be CUPE members.

The government has also begun providing funding for the Community Living wage enhancement fund, an initiative that was a result of a strong campaign by CUPE Local 3085 Community Living Selkirk.

We all care for Manitoba’s children, and this budget helps to increase access to childcare and provide much-needed resources to our members who care for children in need.

Stay tuned for “Manitoba budget supports infrastructure. What it means for CUPE members”