Accountability and Transparency for P3 privatization model is not “red tape”, it’s an essential public protection

CUPE MB: Pallister’s proposal to repeal P3 Legislation is a step backwards Basic public consultations, accountability and transparency are needed, not “red tape” Winnipeg – The Canadian Union of Public Employees Manitoba has serious concerns about legislation introduced today by the Pallister government to repeal a law that provides basic measures for accountability and transparency when it comes to public-private partnerships. Section 14 of the Pallister government’s Bill 24- The Read more [...]

Keep Power Smart in Manitoba Hydro! For more details about the polling results, click here. Visit the CUPE Local 998 website here for more information. Read more [...]

Manitoba budget offers minor funding increases to public services

Social Impact Bonds give rise to concern The Pallister Government’s first provincial budget offers minor improvements to many important areas of the public sector, says CUPE Manitoba. “We are pleased to see this government’s continuation of funding to health care, education, post- secondary education, and social services,” says Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba. “In an environment where cuts would have been the ‘easy way out’, we are pleased that this government Read more [...]

Manitoba provincial election: What’s at stake for CUPE members?

Today the Premier of Manitoba officially dropped the writ, beginning a month-long election that will determine the next government of Manitoba on April 19. But what does this election mean for CUPE members? The Conservatives and Liberals want to cut jobs, privatize services, and reverse the gains we have made as workers under the NDP. While election platforms will be rolled out throughout the campaign, we have already seen overtures made by the Conservatives and Liberals that will Read more [...]

CUPE Local 500 and WAPSO call for an end to vacancy management

The unions that represent Winnipeg’s municipal workers and the city’s administrative, supervisory, and professional staff, are calling for Mayor Bowman to end the Katz-era practice of not filling vacant positions. “The city has been slowly eroding Winnipeg’s municipal workforce,” said Gord Delbridge, President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 500. “We need to ensure we have enough workers to provide the services Winnipeggers rely on, and that support Read more [...]

Manitoba government offers responsible, visionary plan: CUPE

WINNIPEG – Manitoba’s NDP government has once again offered the province a progressive vision for the upcoming year in its annual speech from the throne, in what CUPE Manitoba is calling “a responsible and visionary plan.” “The Manitoba government has offered an incredibly progressive plan that reflects the needs of a great cross-section of Manitobans” said Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba, “offering paid leave for victims of domestic violence, ensuring support for new refugees, Read more [...]

CUPE 500 Presents to Public Works Committee – Snow Plowing should be brought back in-house

CUPE Local 500 President Mike Davidson presented a summary of the local's Public Plowing Works report to the City of Winnipeg Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Public Works, calling for contracted-out snow clearing to be brought back in-house. "CUPE 500’s Snow Plowing Hotline resulted in hundreds of comments and concerns from across the city" Davidson told the committee. "The fact that so many Winnipeggers have offered their concerns and ideas on snow plowing indicates strong public interest Read more [...]

Pallister seeks to privatize Manitoba’s Social Services

Winnipeg – Progressive Conservative leader Brian Pallister’s June 9th plan to explore Social Impact Bonds as a model to fund social service agencies is cause for deep concern. “Pallister wants to remove government’s social contract with its citizens and replace it with a private contract,” says Kelly Moist President of CUPE Manitoba. “At its core, Pallister’s plan would allow private companies to profit from poverty using the public purse." Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are financing Read more [...]

PC’s private child care plan the wrong direction

WINNIPEG – If there is one issue that is galvanising support across Canada, it is the need for affordable and accessible public child care. Unfortunately Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Party is looking to take our province in a completely different direction. “Universally accessible child care is the issue of our time,” says Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba “but Brian Pallister wants to hand the reigns over to private companies.” In a recent Winnipeg Free Press article, Read more [...]